"You have to get lost before

you can be found."




These are not your granny’s bus tours. Our commitment to keeping our groups small turns a collection of intelligent, interesting, involved and kind women into a cohesive group that easily moves from place to place.


On a typical tour, about half the women are married and half are single. You will not be alone unless you want to be. Bring a woman friend, sister or daughter or come alone. We have a proven track record of providing successful room-mate matching.


Itineraries are designed to fit the offerings of each destination. That could take from 4 days to 27 days. We include the sights you “must see” and still allow time for each guest to explore their individual interests and shopping. Do you prefer spending your free time sitting in a café or sketching in the park?


Unique experiences abound. You deserve richness in life. We add at least one female friendly activity to each itinerary. These have included a cooking class, fashion show, high tea, perfume museum, garden tour, soap factory, artist’s studio visit, and many more.  


Our many repeat guests are our best references. We are happy to put you in contact with one of them if you need convincing. 

"I haven't been everywhere

but it's on my list."


because women travel  differently than men

That gets a laugh all over the world. Yes, women do travel differently than men and it is not just in the number of shoes we pack.


You Go Girls! was founded by a woman and is run by women. We know what you want because we are women and we have been doing this successfully for over 16 years.


We know you want to see the world in safety and comfort. Safe hotels and activities are a piece of the puzzle but so is knowing how to behave and dress in a foreign country. In order to stay safe we need to know the norms of a culture. YGG always provides you with plenty of guidance. You will know what to pack, how to act, what the weather will be and we provide a reading/media list to enhance your preparation. We also know you want to travel in good company. It is fun to meet people with whom you can develop friendships. It is not unusual for our ladies to return for another trip with someone they met on a previous trip. That is just the way we like it because we ARE different than men.


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