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The Woman's Guide to Great Travel

This comprehensive collection of road tested tips, tricks and hints will improve the travel experience of any woman traveler. Whether you travel alone, with a friend, or in a group, there is something for you. From beginning to end and every step between, Marcia guides you with an easy, friendly manner that will leave you smiling as you absorb it.


Marcia has a passion for travel originating from childhood road trips in her grandfather’s car with no seat belts or air conditioning. Time spent studying Spanish in Mexico at the age of 15 and a semester in Austria during college only served to encourage her wanderlust. It is lucky for you that she married a man who does not share her love of travel.


Instead of sitting home growing resentful, wishing she were someplace exotic, she created You Go Girls! Travel. Marcia says, “About 16 years ago, I thought, why should couples be having all the fun? The answer came back that they shouldn’t. And I held the power to be certain I was in on the fun.”


Her professional yet casual and easy-going manner has been a gift to the many women who have been a part of a YGG journey. She tends gently to every guest and their needs while carefully orchestrating the group dynamic. A Certified Travel Counselor with over 30 years in the travel industry, she has the skills to handle the extremely detailed planning that makes every trip run smoothly. And her levelheaded take-charge attitude is exactly what you want when the travails of travel throw challenges your way.



"She's put her many years of travel experience into a book filled with advice and insider knowledge. With information on everything from how to stay safe in your hotel room to recipes for a good foot soak to what to know about renting a car (and driving) in a foreign country, this book is packed with the kind of useful information you'll underline, dog-ear, and return to again and again." 

Kathleen McCleary


"Marcia Miller is a knowledgeable, experienced traveler and shares her wealth of experiences to prepare women for their journeys around the world or across the state.  The keys to an enjoyable trip are presented in this book in an easy-to-read format; no doubt you will be planning your next excursion before you finish the book." 

Gerry Frank

author  Where to Find It,

Buy It, Eat It in New York

"You Go Girls is a fun and informative read. Marcia's personality shines through as she takes you through the process of planning and executing a trip, highlighting the countless details you will encounter along the way. Sitting down with this book is like having a nice long chat with a BFF who has amassed a wealth of travel knowledge throughout years of experience. Any woman traveler, from the novice to the seasoned, will find many valuable tips and ideas to ensure that her adventures are safe and fun."

"From dealing with blisters, to confirming visa requirements, exchanging money, and seeing the sites, Marcia Miller gives you everything you need to know for a safe, informed, and fabulous adventure. Whether you're traveling with kids or on your own, for business or pleasure, You Go Girls! is a must. And guys, you could learn a lot, too."

Karen Emmerling

owner Beach Books

Seaside, Oregon

Barbara Skoch Mendenez

 Alaska Airlines, veteran flight attendant

the author


February 16 @ 6:30PM

Silver Lining Consignment Shop 

7044 SE Milwaukie, Portland

RSVP to  503 238-5578 – free

March 7 @ 2:00PM

South Hills Country Club, West Covina, CA

contact me for details


April 13 @ noon

Albertina Kerr Lunch and Learn, Portland

$35 – reserve at 503-231-3909


April 17 @ 7:30PM

Powell’s Books 3723 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland


April 25 @ 1:30PM

Red Mountain Spa, Ivans, Utah

free to spa guests - others call me details


April 29 @ 10:00AM

Storables, 105 NW 13, Portland 

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