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The Coastal Express

The West Coast of Norway

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$3765 per person based on Category N* double occupancy

Other categories available as well as triples and quads

SEP29-OCT 9, 2025

When you have been to Alaska, Reykjavik, and Churchill, but STILL have not seen the Aurora Borealis – it is time to get serious. Let’s do this.



The solar flares that fuel the creation of the Northern Lights, are currently in a cyclical rise, predicted to peak in July 2025. Trouble is – the lights are not visible in summer, due to the bright night skies. Proper viewing begins in September.

The weather in far north can be harsh in midwinter, making fall or spring the more comfortable times for watching this spectacular show. In far northern Norway, October average low and high temperatures are 30-38 degrees. That is about what we experienced last year on the Rhine Christmas Cruise. It may not be as cold as you might think.


More time spent in the Auroral Zone increases the probability of seeing the pulsating curtains of light. An 11 night trip is a safe bet for viewings. A Northern Lights Alert system is used to communicate with guests when the lights are spotted. No standing in the cold waiting. Breathtaking beauty is served to you on a silver platter.



Sailing on these vessels is not an ordinary luxury ocean cruise. Firstly, the ships carry fewer than 500 passengers. These are working vessels, delivering goods to small Norwegian coastal towns, and providing transportation of people and their cars. They make multiple short stops day and night to load/unload, then move on. They stop longer in larger villages during the day. The small towns alternate on the route north and the return south. Our itinerary hugs the coastline and does not venture far onto the open seas, ensuring a smooth ride. Expect the casual, low-key ambiance of expedition cruising, with no glittering shows, spas, discos, or wet tee shirt contests by the pool. Anticipate wildlife, stunning views, a cozy room, really good food, and the Northern Lights.


Since 1893, Hurtigruten has prided itself on its relationship with the environment and local economies. They are impressively accomplishing serious goals in reducing emissions and their carbon footprint. The onboard expedition staff is expert in sharing knowledge and enthusiasm about the itinerary as we sail.


Our ship, Kong Harald is named for the current king of Norway. It offers three restaurants, a sauna, an ice cream bar, a fitness room, and 2 hot tubs. It was refurbished in 2023. Some 80% of the food served is locally sourced, with vegan options daily.



It does not get better than this - Hurtigruten (her’ tee grew ten) Expeditions offers a Northern Lights guarantee. If you do not see the lights, you receive a FREE 6 day southbound or 7 day northbound Original Coastal Express Classic Voyage (terms and conditions apply).


Please share this gift of nature with me. It is for only a lucky few. 



2 nights in Bergen

$299 per person double occupancy


2 nights in 4 star hotel with breakfast


Bergen, The City of Seven Mountains, is a lovely city and the second largest in Norway after the capital, Oslo. This UNESCO World Heritage Site sits in the heart of the fjords. Its streets and buildings from the Middle Ages provide a deep sense of history. The colorful waterfront buildings add a touch of warmth to this Nordic scene. It is all you expect of a quaint Norwegian city. Expect to see average low and high temperatures in Bergen to be 45-54 degrees.




2 nights Oslo & 2 nights Bergen

$799 per person double occupancy


First class train from Oslo to Bergen

4 nights in 4 star hotels with breakfast


Combine Oslo with Bergen for a more complete impression of Norway. The capital city highlights include the Nobel Peace Center, many Edvard Munch sites, and Vigeland Sculpture Park.

The journey between Oslo and Bergen is a pleasure, on one of the most scenic train rides in the world. For almost 7 hours, you chug over the mountains, across a plateau, through valleys, and down to the fjords with a parade of beauty outside the windows.




A 25% deposit holds your chosen cabin and must be paid within 7 days of booking. Cancellation fees as follows:


Greater than 120 prior to departure Free

120-90 days prior to departure       25%

89-60 days prior to departure         50%

59-30 day prior to departure           75%

Less than 30 days prior to departure 100%


Final payment due June 15, 2025. Please note that Hurtigruten is based in Norway. Any credit card payments are processed there and subject to any fees your bank applies for international transactions.

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