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Glories of the Galapagos Islands



Q: Are they still allowing admission to the Galapagos? How long until they close it? 
A: Yes, they are allowing a limited number of people to visit, and it is controlled by having to have a park license. We have no idea if, and when it may close to tourism.


Let me say that the Galapagos Islands are other-worldly. They are a quiet, exotic, paradise for animal and human encounters that take your breath away. Access is strictly limited and controlled for good reasons. It is critical to retain the special feeling of this place that has a sacred feel to it. 


Join me in this land of blue-footed boobies, lava lizards, lazy sea lions, marine iguanas, Sally light-foot crabs, and Darwin’s famous finches. Frogfish, giant tortoises, and penguins make this their home, and you are invited to share it for 4 days as we make our way from island to island. 


This itinerary allows time to get your feet on the ground for 2 nights in Quito before getting them a little wet on the islands. Quito is the world’s highest elevation capital. Our hotel there a brand new 5 star property with each room offering views of the city. Nearby, we visit the Equator Monument. Will an egg really stand on end there? Try it! 


All guests must be able to embark and disembark a ship, get in and out of a zodiac style boat on the beach, and independently walk intermediate distances on very uneven surfaces without railings.


Grab your binoculars and your camera for this grand adventure.


  • 2 nights 5 star hotel Quito

  • 1 night 5 star hotel Guayaquil 

  • Flights Quito to Baltra, and Baltra to Guayaquil with transfers

  • Galapagos part entrance fee

  • 4 nights MV Galapagos Legend (55 cabins) 

  • Choose from Standard Plus, Junior Cabin, or Balcony Cabin

  • Pool, jacuzzi, glass bottom boat, boutique, medical station, and library

  • English speaking guides Quito and Guayaquil

  • English speaking naturalists aboard vessel 

  • 7 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 4 dinners

  • 2 excursions daily on board

  • Complimentary snorkel gear

  • Private farewell dinner




based on double occupancy

OCT 1-8, 2024


October 1

Arrivals in Quito with the evening free to rest. At this altitude most people find they need to conserve energy and begin a little slowly.


October 2

After breakfast an excursion will land you at the Equator Monument and provide a city tour of Quito. B,L

October 3

Fly to Baltra to board the MV Galapagos Legend. This afternoon set sail for the first water landing. You will likely be rewarded by spotting seal lions and shorebirds. This should be an opportunity to snorkel. B,L,D


October 4

Santiago Island in on tap today. The lava lizards here are a highlight along with the yellow crowned night heron. The afternoon landing on Rabida Island brings a red sand beach with turtles and a walk through the forest of cacti and palo santo with a beautiful view of the bay. B,L,D

October 5

Isabella Island speaks of its ancient volcanic past and pirates. Darwin’s salt-water crater lake shows off more views of the islands. Fascinating marine life wins the day here and this is where to look for Darwin’s finches. One wet landing and one dry landing comprise the day. B,L,D


October 6

Ferdinandina Island offers a dry landing in the morning. Prehistoric marine iguanas bask in the sun and don’t even lift a head to greet you. This is the only place on earth to see the flightless cormorant. Be quiet – this is their nesting site, but keep an eye out for the Galapagos hawk, who is the major predator on the island. A dinghy ride along the coast allows for spotting more wildlife. B,L,D


October 7

At last we reach Santa Cruz for disembarkation but also the home of the Highlands Tortoise Reserve. They are not the only unique inhabitants, but they are certainly the favorite among visitors. Watch for the cattle egrets who may be seen standing on the shell of one. 


October 8

We continue to Baltra for the flight to Guayaquil. A short city tour will acquaint us with the area.



You bid goodbye to the Galapagos but you will forever be changed by having come face to face with the unique creatures you have met.



A $500 per person nonrefundable deposit will hold your cabin, with final payment due July 1, 2024. Itinerary is subject to changes without notice. Please be sure you are physically able to enjoy this trip without risk.

Travel insurance recommended to protect your investment and should be purchased upon deposit to enhance coverage.

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